Bonnie and clyde….WOW

I honestly just wanted to post this when i had enough time. which due to my schedule is the day of the due date, well at least some people can read this. I will say that one of the the things that this class has done for me mentally is made me not so biased toward older movies. In fact a great deal of these movies i would probably watch again due to this class alone, and bonnie and clyde is one of them.
I’ve always heard about this movie due to it being referred to sometimes during my classes. or in some instances it was referred to during TV shows or movies but i never actually saw it myself. So when i found out that we were watching it during class, I made sure I paid attention to this piece of movie history.

To say that This movie is excellent would be an understatement. Not only did it feature a cast of character that i knew ex: Warren Beaty, Oscar Wilde. But the action was on point. One of my favorite scenes in particular was when Clyde goes into the bank to rob it and he sees one guy depositing a very small amount of money and he then asks him “is that your money? Keep it!” Hearing this had me laughing in my seat.

What really surprised me about this movie was how violent Bonnie and Clyde died. I mean i knew they were probably going to get shot, but just not that much. Like i thought maybe a couple shots in the chest, but seeing how they were surviving getting shot during the course of the movie, this over the top shooting might have been the best way to go. Surprisingly the movie ends right after this scene. usually in movies after the the main character(s) dies, there usually is a monologue or even dialogue talking about the characters. In this movie their death ends the movie abruptly which i thought was quite weird. I Honestly think this movie and Invasion of the body snatchers might make their way into my dvd collection this coming christmas

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