My Formal Analysis

The scene in which I’m going to be analyzing is from the movie psych. The in which I’m going to be talking about is the famous shower scene that has been this movies biggest draw. In fact this scenes popularity caused it to be not only replicated, but parodied years later. This is the reason why i choose this.

Now by looking at this scene at the beginning you see her writing on a desk in what looks to be a silk robe, you then go to an OTS or over-the-shoulder shot to see exactly what shes doing which is subtracting some numbers which you actually find out is the money that she just spent. she then gets up as the camera pans all the way to the bathroom it is here where you notice the “gender”

As she disrobes before entering the shower you are shown a shot of her from her upper back and head which is usually a sign for naked-ness to men weather it is in picture form or on film. You then are treated to a shot of her legs as she gets into the shower. i Think the purpose of this shot was to not only show what kind of shower she is going in but to also show her slender legs.

You then are treated to a MS of her head while the water is hitting her body. The camera this shows a POV shot of what she’s looking at which is the shower head, and then it comes back to the same MS.
They there is a cut to a side shot of her putting soap on her body. which by then it’s solidifying to the guys watching that she really is in the nude. They then use various other cuts to show that time has passed by with her hair getting wetter in each cut.

The camera then breaks the 180 degree rule by showing the shower curtain that she is behind, but not without reason though, as this shot shows that someone is walking into the room, and is approaching the shower. After the curtain is pulled back you start to see the stabbing. This is done by showing multiple shots and showing the knife going towards her body.

There are even a couple of shots in this sequence that show her fully nude for about 1 or 2 seconds, there is also one shot of her mid-drift and the knife going below it indicating that she might have been stabbed in the pelvis. This scene ends with blood flowing into the tub and the killer leaving the scene of the crime. I believe this scene seems to have more of a guy view due to the nature of all the shots mentioned above because there are not only meant to show how beautiful this woman looks but also how nice her body is, and this is why i believe that this is a masculine scene.

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