Mother India

Whenever I think of mother India, two words usually comes to mind: OVER DRAMATIC. I’ve watched this film back to front and I see why this film is called the mother of all melodramas. To make a long story short, the first three quarters of this movie will make you sad. everything just moves so slow and is completely depressing. The mother and father in this movie struggle for about half the movie and the cataclysmic even that ends the struggle slightly was when he dropped the insanely big boulder on his arms and he lost his ability to use them. And immediately after he feels that he is a burden and leaves his family to never come back.
One of the things i can’t stand about this movie are the shots used to over dramatize an action. Two such scenes are where the mother is yelling. When she is in the field she yells and I can only guess that it was a directors choice for this but why where there so many cuts on a scream? And instead of getting my attention it was more like “what the hell?” The Second scene i believe was over-dramatized was when the mother woke to find that her husband left, there is then a shot of her face showing that the mark on her forehead has been rubbed off. but once again I just think that this was a choice of direction more than anything else
This movie really picks up after the flood recovery when the her child Birju becomes and adult and in a way becomes his mother protector throughout most of the latter half of the film. From then on the everything becomes more tense with the man whom they owe money to. and this ultimately ends up with Birju becoming a robin hood-esque thief.
The one thing that i did’t expect from this movie was the ending. Compared to everything else I’ve seen in this movie the ending was utterly surprising. I did not expect Birju’s mother to shoot him off that horse. Definitely if you thought this movie was a snore-fest, you would have probable been woken up by it’s ending.

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2 thoughts on “Mother India

  1. The ending was definitely suprising and much more interesting compared to the rest of the movie! The melodramtic scenes near the beginning make the ending that much more worthwhile (to watch). I couldn’t believe she shot her son too! After all those years of self-sacrifice! It’s especially rare in Hindu films, but maybe it has an underlying message; one never knows.

  2. So glad you’ve seen this film. I was awestruck the first time I saw it– I’d never seen a film that relentlessly melodramatic (and which stretched out the melodrama for so long!). It’s pretty amazing, and so closely linked to ideas about national identity…

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