Invasion of the body snatchers…

My blog post today is about the movie Invasion of the body snatchers. Now I don’t know if it’s because this is a more recent movie or if it just might have been overall a good movie but I think this was the best movie I’ve seen in this class this semester. I enjoyed this movie so much that I nearly missed the underlying tones that one of the people in the class brought up. I wondered throughout this film what the budget was seeing that they made these giant plant buds and how they made wax figures… or at least i think they were wax figures of the actors. The story was pretty good too. i like the fact at how the aliens came down and chose for the humans what was best of them.
What I did think was weird was the process of how the aliens took over the bodies. I kind of wanted to see more of this process seeing that you only put the bud next to them and then it copies your DNA without even touching you which i thought was weird. Maybe if they showed how they acquired someones DNA the process would make a lot more sense to me. As for the memory process that was simple. they waited for you to fall asleep and then they took your memories and thoughts. But i would have loved to see the new body do this process to the old one.
I also like how this movie was a bit of a retrospect which I’ve always loved in films, and not only that it had the ability to suck you in and almost made you forget that it was a retrospect at time and you were reminded at the end of the film that all that you seen was from someones memory.

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One thought on “Invasion of the body snatchers…

  1. I like the ideas and points you bring forward. This too was one of my favorite movies of the semester. I could be wrong but i believe the budget to Invasion of the Body Snatchers was low, and did not cost a lot to make, which makes it seem that much better. Just shows how good of a job Director Don Siegel actually did.

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