Umberto D

I have seen Umberto D quite a few days ago and I honestly thought this was the worst movie I seen this semester. To me the plot was just moving way too slow for me. Not only that, I understood the plot from the beginning of the movie which already informed me what this movie was going to be about which was basically a man trying to pay his owed rent before his landlord kicked him out. And what i experienced was this process happening extremely slow to the point where it was kinda annoying. In fact it made care a lot less about the main character and more about the girl who was working for the landlord even though the movie eventually forced me to focus on the actual main character in the end of the movie.
And speaking of the end of the movie, I did not understand that scene with the train one bit. Like what was the purpose of it… like really?! I’ve looked at the scene on youtube countless times. and i was thinking, “why didn’t the guy who was telling the kids to get out of the way tell the main character to get off the track?” and “What possessed him to stand that close to a train?” To he perfectly honest, there isn’t much i can say about this movie. So I’m going to just leave it at that….

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One thought on “Umberto D

  1. I couldn’t agree with you more. This movie was moving way too slow for me also. Did you catch the part where he bought the cup just to get change to pay the driver, and the way he throws the cup away?.. That was probably the most significant part of the movie for me. I guess I wasn’t the only one who didn’t quite understand the ending. I mean, it’s unknown.. so it’s for us to decide? I’m going to guess since there’s conflict after conflict, he’ll eventually have to get rid of his dog Flike, and he’ll be so lonely that there’s almost no reason left to live. That’s just my thought. Maybe that guy didn’t tell him to get off the track because he was trying to help him end his misery, which didn’t work in his favor.

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