Citizen Kane….

Citizen Kane was a film I’ve constantly heard about for years. Most likely the reason i have heard of it so much was because of the fact that I always had an admiration for movies. Not only that I have also heard a lot about this movie through the film classes that I have taken here at QC. I will say from watching this movie, based on the year this came out it must have had a pretty big budget. Not only that it must have took extensive planning during pre-production in order to put together a film like this.
One of the things i like about this movie was the fact that its in retrospect. You start off at the supposed “end” of the movie and you see Kane, our main character saying his last words. After that you see Kane’s whole life in retrospect from childhood until the present time, which is the time of his death. As you watch the movie you see what kind-of a person Kane is and how the decisions he made in life brought him to his demise. I’ve talked with a couple of classmates about how he died and while we all have our arguments, I personally think he died due to depression. If you remember he was basically the kind of guy that got anything he wanted, and when things just started going downhill for him, he just never recovered from it.
The one thing I like about this movie which is usually the same reason why a lot of other people like this movies is because of the camera work, which in my opinion was masterful. The camera shots to me were set up in a way to show a characters strength or dominance in a scene. One of the scenes that showed this the most was when Kane was being adopted. They showed Kane outside the house playing in the snow as the least important person, then the person who i believe was the father was inside watching two other people in front of him sign adoption papers. It really seemed like the father had no say in the matter because he just seemed to be lingering in the background while the person who was adopting Kane and the mother was more in charge.
All and all this was a great movie. A can see why a lot of my film classes tend to reference this movie now. In my opinion this movie set the standard of the movies that we are now seeing today in terms of shots used.I am actually very happy to have seen this movie for the first time and i definitely would not mind sitting down to see this again.

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