Bonnie and clyde….WOW

I honestly just wanted to post this when i had enough time. which due to my schedule is the day of the due date, well at least some people can read this. I will say that one of the the things that this class has done for me mentally is made me not so biased toward older movies. In fact a great deal of these movies i would probably watch again due to this class alone, and bonnie and clyde is one of them.
I’ve always heard about this movie due to it being referred to sometimes during my classes. or in some instances it was referred to during TV shows or movies but i never actually saw it myself. So when i found out that we were watching it during class, I made sure I paid attention to this piece of movie history.

To say that This movie is excellent would be an understatement. Not only did it feature a cast of character that i knew ex: Warren Beaty, Oscar Wilde. But the action was on point. One of my favorite scenes in particular was when Clyde goes into the bank to rob it and he sees one guy depositing a very small amount of money and he then asks him “is that your money? Keep it!” Hearing this had me laughing in my seat.

What really surprised me about this movie was how violent Bonnie and Clyde died. I mean i knew they were probably going to get shot, but just not that much. Like i thought maybe a couple shots in the chest, but seeing how they were surviving getting shot during the course of the movie, this over the top shooting might have been the best way to go. Surprisingly the movie ends right after this scene. usually in movies after the the main character(s) dies, there usually is a monologue or even dialogue talking about the characters. In this movie their death ends the movie abruptly which i thought was quite weird. I Honestly think this movie and Invasion of the body snatchers might make their way into my dvd collection this coming christmas

My Formal Analysis

The scene in which I’m going to be analyzing is from the movie psych. The in which I’m going to be talking about is the famous shower scene that has been this movies biggest draw. In fact this scenes popularity caused it to be not only replicated, but parodied years later. This is the reason why i choose this.

Now by looking at this scene at the beginning you see her writing on a desk in what looks to be a silk robe, you then go to an OTS or over-the-shoulder shot to see exactly what shes doing which is subtracting some numbers which you actually find out is the money that she just spent. she then gets up as the camera pans all the way to the bathroom it is here where you notice the “gender”

As she disrobes before entering the shower you are shown a shot of her from her upper back and head which is usually a sign for naked-ness to men weather it is in picture form or on film. You then are treated to a shot of her legs as she gets into the shower. i Think the purpose of this shot was to not only show what kind of shower she is going in but to also show her slender legs.

You then are treated to a MS of her head while the water is hitting her body. The camera this shows a POV shot of what she’s looking at which is the shower head, and then it comes back to the same MS.
They there is a cut to a side shot of her putting soap on her body. which by then it’s solidifying to the guys watching that she really is in the nude. They then use various other cuts to show that time has passed by with her hair getting wetter in each cut.

The camera then breaks the 180 degree rule by showing the shower curtain that she is behind, but not without reason though, as this shot shows that someone is walking into the room, and is approaching the shower. After the curtain is pulled back you start to see the stabbing. This is done by showing multiple shots and showing the knife going towards her body.

There are even a couple of shots in this sequence that show her fully nude for about 1 or 2 seconds, there is also one shot of her mid-drift and the knife going below it indicating that she might have been stabbed in the pelvis. This scene ends with blood flowing into the tub and the killer leaving the scene of the crime. I believe this scene seems to have more of a guy view due to the nature of all the shots mentioned above because there are not only meant to show how beautiful this woman looks but also how nice her body is, and this is why i believe that this is a masculine scene.

Mother India

Whenever I think of mother India, two words usually comes to mind: OVER DRAMATIC. I’ve watched this film back to front and I see why this film is called the mother of all melodramas. To make a long story short, the first three quarters of this movie will make you sad. everything just moves so slow and is completely depressing. The mother and father in this movie struggle for about half the movie and the cataclysmic even that ends the struggle slightly was when he dropped the insanely big boulder on his arms and he lost his ability to use them. And immediately after he feels that he is a burden and leaves his family to never come back.
One of the things i can’t stand about this movie are the shots used to over dramatize an action. Two such scenes are where the mother is yelling. When she is in the field she yells and I can only guess that it was a directors choice for this but why where there so many cuts on a scream? And instead of getting my attention it was more like “what the hell?” The Second scene i believe was over-dramatized was when the mother woke to find that her husband left, there is then a shot of her face showing that the mark on her forehead has been rubbed off. but once again I just think that this was a choice of direction more than anything else
This movie really picks up after the flood recovery when the her child Birju becomes and adult and in a way becomes his mother protector throughout most of the latter half of the film. From then on the everything becomes more tense with the man whom they owe money to. and this ultimately ends up with Birju becoming a robin hood-esque thief.
The one thing that i did’t expect from this movie was the ending. Compared to everything else I’ve seen in this movie the ending was utterly surprising. I did not expect Birju’s mother to shoot him off that horse. Definitely if you thought this movie was a snore-fest, you would have probable been woken up by it’s ending.

Invasion of the body snatchers…

My blog post today is about the movie Invasion of the body snatchers. Now I don’t know if it’s because this is a more recent movie or if it just might have been overall a good movie but I think this was the best movie I’ve seen in this class this semester. I enjoyed this movie so much that I nearly missed the underlying tones that one of the people in the class brought up. I wondered throughout this film what the budget was seeing that they made these giant plant buds and how they made wax figures… or at least i think they were wax figures of the actors. The story was pretty good too. i like the fact at how the aliens came down and chose for the humans what was best of them.
What I did think was weird was the process of how the aliens took over the bodies. I kind of wanted to see more of this process seeing that you only put the bud next to them and then it copies your DNA without even touching you which i thought was weird. Maybe if they showed how they acquired someones DNA the process would make a lot more sense to me. As for the memory process that was simple. they waited for you to fall asleep and then they took your memories and thoughts. But i would have loved to see the new body do this process to the old one.
I also like how this movie was a bit of a retrospect which I’ve always loved in films, and not only that it had the ability to suck you in and almost made you forget that it was a retrospect at time and you were reminded at the end of the film that all that you seen was from someones memory.

Umberto D

I have seen Umberto D quite a few days ago and I honestly thought this was the worst movie I seen this semester. To me the plot was just moving way too slow for me. Not only that, I understood the plot from the beginning of the movie which already informed me what this movie was going to be about which was basically a man trying to pay his owed rent before his landlord kicked him out. And what i experienced was this process happening extremely slow to the point where it was kinda annoying. In fact it made care a lot less about the main character and more about the girl who was working for the landlord even though the movie eventually forced me to focus on the actual main character in the end of the movie.
And speaking of the end of the movie, I did not understand that scene with the train one bit. Like what was the purpose of it… like really?! I’ve looked at the scene on youtube countless times. and i was thinking, “why didn’t the guy who was telling the kids to get out of the way tell the main character to get off the track?” and “What possessed him to stand that close to a train?” To he perfectly honest, there isn’t much i can say about this movie. So I’m going to just leave it at that….

Citizen Kane….

Citizen Kane was a film I’ve constantly heard about for years. Most likely the reason i have heard of it so much was because of the fact that I always had an admiration for movies. Not only that I have also heard a lot about this movie through the film classes that I have taken here at QC. I will say from watching this movie, based on the year this came out it must have had a pretty big budget. Not only that it must have took extensive planning during pre-production in order to put together a film like this.
One of the things i like about this movie was the fact that its in retrospect. You start off at the supposed “end” of the movie and you see Kane, our main character saying his last words. After that you see Kane’s whole life in retrospect from childhood until the present time, which is the time of his death. As you watch the movie you see what kind-of a person Kane is and how the decisions he made in life brought him to his demise. I’ve talked with a couple of classmates about how he died and while we all have our arguments, I personally think he died due to depression. If you remember he was basically the kind of guy that got anything he wanted, and when things just started going downhill for him, he just never recovered from it.
The one thing I like about this movie which is usually the same reason why a lot of other people like this movies is because of the camera work, which in my opinion was masterful. The camera shots to me were set up in a way to show a characters strength or dominance in a scene. One of the scenes that showed this the most was when Kane was being adopted. They showed Kane outside the house playing in the snow as the least important person, then the person who i believe was the father was inside watching two other people in front of him sign adoption papers. It really seemed like the father had no say in the matter because he just seemed to be lingering in the background while the person who was adopting Kane and the mother was more in charge.
All and all this was a great movie. A can see why a lot of my film classes tend to reference this movie now. In my opinion this movie set the standard of the movies that we are now seeing today in terms of shots used.I am actually very happy to have seen this movie for the first time and i definitely would not mind sitting down to see this again.